From Carnforth to Dunbar, we have a wide range of brand-new CLAAS products available, including the CLAAS balers. We know how crucial the baling process is, as well as how unique each farm it can be. What’s right for one site will not be for another. As such, we can supply QUADRANT square balers, ROLLANT balers and VARIANT balers. Whatever your baling needs are, we can equip you with the best CLAAS machinery for the job. 

All CLAAS balers are developed with the latest technology. No matter what size or shape baler you select, you can be assured you’re getting the best of the latest innovations. Additionally, each of the balers delivers compact balers, aiding productivity. 

There are several QUADRANT balers available, such as the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200. You are able to tailor each by choosing the feed options – these include ROTO FEED, ROTO CUT, FINE CUT and SPECIAL CUT. These options range from 0 to 180 knives, meaning that you can select the appropriate option for the operation. 

If you’re after smaller bales, we’d always recommend the QUADRANT 4000 square baler. This machine will deliver bales of 0.80m x 0.50m that are shaped precisely. The 4000 is ideal for ruminants, and especially suitable for horses due to the well- engineered packer tine technology. 

If you prefer to generate round bales, the CLAAS ROLLANT model is perfect. These machines come with fixed bale chambers and have the extra option of an integrated bale wrapper (find this on the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP) – wrap as you go using film or net wrapping. The ROLLANT machines offer unrivalled reliability and are particularly robust, with 15 reinforced bale chamber rollers. The knife cleaning cycle as well the automatic knife deactivation mean that the user experience is far easier and safer. 

And in 2019 CLAAS has embarked on a new chapter in the 43-year ROLLANT success story with a new generation. The ROLLANT 520 fixed-chamber baler brings together all the advantages of the popular ROLLANT 340 and 350 predecessor models. The new baler is very straightforward to operate, versatile and extremely robust.

Further to the QUADRANT and ROLLANT balers, we also supply the VARIANT 485 – 460 series. The tailgate of this machine opens and closes automatically and, once again, the knives are automatically deactivated at the end of each bale. 

We are committed to supplying innovative machine types that can cater to all agricultural activity, which is why we supply such a vast range of CLAAS balers. To find out more, contact your local Rickerby dealership in Carlisle, Alnwick, Bowburn, Carnforth, Castle Douglas, Cornhill, Dunbar, Hexham or Penrith. 

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