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NEW LEXION 8700 in Northumberland

With some 1000ha of crops to clear, often in less-than-kind weather conditions, the Armstrong family have to make the most of the chances they get. To do that they need a high capacity combine capable of getting grain in the shed as quickly as possible. 

Despite being less powerful than the old machine, the new one has the edge over it, generally churning out 10% more grain in a day, even with the green damp straw we inevitably end up in up here in north Northumberland. “In my mind that extra capacity has got to be down to the technology – the new version of CEMOS is just very clever.”

“With our land spread across an 11-mile area, being able to run at 40kph on the road makes a huge difference. Travelling from one block to the other now takes half an hour compared with 45 minutes previously.

Neil Armstrong


J E Armstrong & Sons

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